"Dancing With The Ghosts" - complete song is online (audio & video/lyrics versions)

At last, you can listen one complete song of AngelSeed here on our site, and also on
Reverbnation, MySpace and our Youtube channel.
It is unmastered version of song "Dancing With The Ghosts".

On Youtube you can watch video version with lyrics.

New teaser is online - "Soulcollector"

Teaser for song "Soulcollector" is online.

In teasers which will be published in next two weeks we will reveal the identity of the two world famous musicians who have appeared on our album. :)

AngelSeed video documentary - chapter 4
New teaser is online - "When mistress walks the earth"

We gave you some time to absorb our songs :), and now is the time for new teaser. "When mistress walks the earth" is online - enjoy.
AngelSeed Eastern Europe Tour 2014.

AngelSeed video documentary - chapter 3
AngelSeed video documentary - chapter 2
AngelSeed video documentary - chapter 1
"The healer" and "documentaries" :)

Part of the song "The healer" is online!

Also, in next few days we will start to publish set of short video documentaries from our recording in Sweden.
AngelSeed live in Mocvara, Zagreb, 08.03.2014. + new teaser "Fallen Angel"

You can see AngelSeed live in Mocvara, Zagreb, 08.03.2014. Also teaser for song "Fallen Angel" is online. Everybody who will be in Mocvara in few weeks will have an opportunity to hear complete song.
See you there :)
New teaser is online - Breaking dawn feat. Zoran Misic

We have many guests on future album, and time has come to reveal first one. In "Breaking Dawn", guest is one of the best Croatian hard rock/metal vocalist Zoran Misic. He and Lara sing beautiful duet telling one of magic AngelSeed stories. Thank you Zoki :)
Another teaser is online, check it now!

The time has come for another teaser. "Through Pain" is online! Hope you will like it as we are :)
New teaser & Angelseed Google+ & Twitter accounts

There is another teaser online our dear friends. Enjoy in part of the song "Life Is Only Life".

Also, from today you can find us on Google+ & Twitter.
New teaser is online

Teaser for one more song from our next album is online. It is song called Schizohead! :)
Happy New Year

A big THANK YOU to all of you, who stood by us during the last few years, for your support, encouragement, and having faith in our music and all the work we put into it.
Also thank you to those will join in on this journey, our future fans...

We wish you all the happiness in the upcoming year, persistence in carrying out all the things you set your mind to, and strength to solve any problem that comes your way...

As a gift for the upcoming year, here are brand new, never before released or heard by the general public, music clips from our first album.
We hope you will like them and come back for more :)

Happy New Year 2014
AngelSeed - Live, Zagreb, Mocvara

Dj Kneza & Dj Lawless really know how to take care of their visitors, as we were all witnesses to last nights hot and heavy metal concert, whose center of attention were the female vocalists of the performing bands, or should we call them Valkyries.

A small gift for our fans :)

The first 50 visitors that buy the ticket for the concert tomorrow, get AngelSeed lighter!
Interview on Metal God portal

Lara's interview for Metal God portal. (read here)
Interview on Cmar-Net portal

What did the bands say prior to upcoming show on 26.10. you can read in the interview here.
Interview on Venia-Mag portal

Anita Stojanovic from Venia-Mag portal talked to Maras before the Valhalla concert in Mocvara 26.10.2013. You can read the interview here.

After a long pause AngelSeed is performing again

Valhalla - Zagreb, Mocvara, 26.10.

After a long pause we took to work on our upcoming album, you can see us performing live again. Come and join the crowd on Valhalla party, see us live together with Innergate, Agharti, and Hellcats.

21:00-22:00 – Powerwolf–Preachers Of The Night - album promotion
22:00-22:40 – Agharti
22:55-23:35 – AngelSeed
23:40-23:45 – Sage – Rivers Will Be Full Of Blood – video clip promotion
23:50-00:30 – Innergate
00:45-02:00 – Hellcats
02:00-05:00 – heavy/power metal party by DJ Lawless & DJ Kneza




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