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General public in Croatia had the chance to meet members of AngelSeed as faces/models from the book covers of the 12 novels called „GORDANA“ by Marija Juric Zagorka. She was one of the most productive authors in Croatia whose quality as writer and novelist was challenged by her male peers, throughout the years....and Gordana was her most comprehensive work, a timeless series of novels, consisting of 12 books, whose plot was located in the capital of Croatia, in the period of Renaissance.
Filled with wars, love plots, patriots, and those not so patriotic, court conspiracies, and constant tension between its main characters, that keeps us forever guessing what happens next.
Idea that was entirely formed by Igor Kelcec, renowned photographer and illustrator, also the author of all the covers of Zagorka in publication from Jutarnji List, who noticed how well the bearded and long haired musicians would famously embody the knights and other characters from the book, and the singer Lara, with auburn hair and almond eyes, the main heroine Gordana.
Idea turned into reality, and the studio shootings soon became reality. All band members took their turns posing for the camera, and becoming different characters in the photo shootings that lasted 6-8 hours and were shot in so called three-quarter light setting also used in Game of Thrones and Borgia series.
It was by all standards a new experience for the members of AngelSeed.
Igor implemented different approach to these covers, mostly to awake the interest with the younger book reading public, approach that totally hit the mark combined with modern versions of the costumes, especially for the main heroine Gordana, who was portrayed by Lara and whose costumes were also created by Lara and Tajana Stasni from the underground clothing brand Azdaja.

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Music: AngelSeed
Photographers: Igor Kelcec, Dean Bertoncelj, Branimir Habek, Marko Jadro, Dr.Dinko, Matija Pecek, Maja Stasni